Belcher appointed to editorial advisory board of Research Evaluation

Jan, 2022

Belcher Appointed to Editorial Advisory Board of Research Evaluation.

In January 2022, the international journal, Research Evaluation, appointed Dr. Brian Belcher to serve on the editorial advisory board for the journal. As an affiliated Oxford Academic journal, Research Evaluation discusses evaluation theory and practice for interdisciplinary research, technological development, and innovation. Dr. Belcher joins a team of other experts in research-based evaluation as co-advisors.

The peer-reviewed journal promotes methodological advances with broad applicability, new types of evaluation practice, and evidence from evaluation application. The term ‘evaluation’ applies to priority-setting, ex-ante assessment of proposals, monitoring of on-going projects or programmes, ex-post assessment, and the integration of evaluation results into policy. Readers will gain new insights into theory as well as understanding of implications of new accountability mandates from discussion. Articles may also confirm or refute previously accepted best practice, providing evidence and reasoning why methods that work in one context may not work for others. Research Evaluation readership extends to universities, governments, research councils, funding agencies, consultancies, and beyond. It is indexed in the Social Science Citation Index (Web of Science), SCOPUS, and many other databases.

Learn more about the Research Evaluation journal as well as the editorial advisory board. Read more news posts from the Sustainability Research Effectiveness Program.


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