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Belcher co-writes Theory of Change guidance document for the OneCGIAR Initiatives

Jul, 2021

Belcher co-writes ToC guidance document for the OneCGIAR Initiatives.

The new OneCGIAR Initiatives aim to be operational in 2022. These Initiatives aim to create real, lasting, and positive impact in three Action Areas. These include Systems Transformation, Resilient Agrifood Systems, and Genetic Innovation. As the OneCGIAR set ambitious goals on global poverty alleviation and food security, the new initiatives each require an explicit Theory of Change (ToC) to demonstrate and monitor progress.

Dr. Brian Belcher contributed to the guidance document that provided essential support to OneCGIAR research teams to document, monitor, and evaluate a ToC for their respective Initiative. The guidance document contains conceptual overview of ToC and its use as a design tool and analytical framework. In addition, the guidance document provides instructions for ToC application.

Following his time at the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Dr. Belcher continued to collaborate with FTA and the CGIAR when he joined Royal Roads University. In particular, Dr. Belcher is a member of the Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact Assessment team. This collaboration continues in the new era of the OneCGIAR.

Learn more about the OneCGIAR Initiatives as well as the resulting ToC guidance document. Read more news posts from the Sustainability Research Effectiveness Program.


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