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Davel visits WorldFish HQ in Penang for new collaboration

Jul, 2022

Davel visits WorldFish in Penang for New Collaboration For Month of July 2022.

Penang, MY

Rachel Davel visited WorldFish headquarters in Penang, Malaysia, to kickstart a collaboration between the research-for-development organization and the Sustainability Research Effectiveness Program. Joint activities include development of multiple nested Theories of Change at the organization and country levels. This work will support the implementation of WorldFish’s global strategy. The strategy outlines aims to end hunger and advance sustainable development by 2030 through science and innovation. The organization aims to transform food, land, and water systems for aquatic food production for healthier people and planet through their research-for-development activities.

Davel visited headquarters for a month over the summer in 2022. There, she met with WorldFish colleagues to learn more about their new Initiative with the OneCGIAR – Resilient Aquatic Food Systems (RAqFS) – as well as country-level projects. Our team looks forward to advancing this collaboration and learning from each other.

WorldFish was founded in 1975 as an international nonprofit research institution. The organization’s focal work generates and translates scientific research on aquatic food systems for governments, society, and other researchers.

Learn more about WorldFish and their research. Read more news posts from the Sustainability Research Effectiveness Program.


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