ITD24 : Call for contributions is now open

Nov, 2023

Utrecht, NL

From November 4-8, 2024, the next International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2024 (ITD24) will take place in Utrecht. Dr. Brian Belcher joins ITD24 as a member of the Conference Board. For those interested in making a contribution to the conference, the call is now open.

Call for Contributions

ITD24 invites contributions from all fields and research cultures, ranging from local interdisciplinary and inter-professional projects to projects that span the Global North and the Global South. This conference addresses both the theory and practice of inter- and transdisciplinary research collaboration and the educational pathways that make such collaborations sustainable and available for all.

Read the full call and guidelines on the ITD24 Conference website. February 29, 2024 is the deadline for abstract submissions.

About the Conference

This years’ theme is ‘Inter- and Transdisciplinarity Beyond Buzzwords: Educational Pathways for Sustainable Research Collaborations’. This conference offers leading trainers, researchers, practitioners, and students from around the world the opportunity to share their knowledge, insights, and expertise on the critical issues in inter- and transdisciplinarity needed to build capacity in and through research, education, policy-making, activism, and artistic engagement.

ITD24 is organised by the ITD Alliance, the global alliance for inter- and transdisciplinarity; td-net, a network for transdisciplinary research; and the Utrecht Programme for Interdisciplinary Education led by Professor Dr. Iris van der Tuin (Dean of Interdisciplinary Education).

Save the Date

The conference will take place from November 4-8, 2024, at the Railway Museum in Utrecht. Work on the conference programme is currently underway. More information will follow in early 2024.

Learn more about the ITD24 Conference. Read more news posts from the Sustainability Research Effectiveness Program.


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