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Research matters: Royal Roads highlights the role of SRE Research in change-making

Jul, 2020

Research matters at Royal Roads University.

Research plays a vital role in solving complex problems. In 2019, Dr. Brian Belcher received appointment as the Ashoka Chair in Research Effectiveness. The Ashoka Chair continues work begun under a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair (2013-2020). The Ashoka Chair supports the Sustainability Research Effectiveness (SRE) Program’s efforts to develop and apply concepts, tools, and methods. We do this to understand and measure how research contributes to change-making processes. Our program uses this learning to guide improved research teaching and practice.

Consider the following two examples. SRE evaluations of graduate research projects provide relevant learning to equip Royal Roads University with the know-how to fulfil its commitments to research impact and change-making education. SRE’s work also shapes research policy, management, and practice more broadly to help research funders and managers support relevant, credible, legitimate, and actionable research that makes a difference. This is why research matters: to make a difference in the world. The news story published by Royal Roads features some of the SRE program’s key methods, research findings, and outcomes to date.

Learn more about why research matters through Royal Road’s news story. Read more news posts from the Sustainability Research Effectiveness Program.


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