Our program generates resources for researchers, research managers, students, and research funders aiming to improve research impact. We cover a variety of topics related to transdisciplinary research design, monitoring, and evaluation as well as diverse case contexts. Learn more from our peer-reviewed publications, additional materials, case study reports, and presentations.


Our peer-reviewed publications report on our research findings. They are published open source to increase accessibility for multiple audiences.

Resources for research planning and evaluation

This page hosts additional materials we have developed and designed for those who wish to apply our approaches, methods, and tools in practice.


We present our research findings at international conferences, meetings, and events. Abstracts and copies of our presentations are available on this page.


These reports share findings from our case study outcome evaluations. They are available open source to increase accessibility for multiple audiences.

Please connect with us to share how you have used and adapted our resources. We are keen to learn lessons on how to improve our own knowledge and learning, as well as the guidance we provide to others. These materials aim to offer tangible and contextualized examples and principled learning to improve others’ work.