Royal Roads Library creates virtual tour of SRE Showcase

Feb, 2020

Victoria, CA

Royal Roads Library created a virtual tour of the Sustainability Research Effectiveness (SRE) team’s showcase exhibit. The exhibit presents information about the program, its methods and tools, projects and case studies, findings to date, and working partnerships. It highlights the program’s work with Royal Roads graduate students to assess how graduate research contributes to change. In addition, the showcase shares our evaluation findings of global research-for-development projects focused on sustainability.

The SRE Program aims to contribute to improved and more effective research. New research approaches are being developed to effectively address complex societal problems. Therefore, researchers need to investigate new ways of assessing and strengthening the social effects of research. Thus, they can do this by learning from projects that are solution-oriented, engaged, and cross-disciplinary.

Royal Roads Library hosted our exhibit over August and September in 2018. The exhibit presented information about the program, its methods and tools, projects and case studies, and other working partnerships. Its highlights include Royal Roads graduate student research case study evaluations and CGIAR project evaluations done as of 2018. We assessed how master and doctoral research contributes to change as well as how global research-for-development projects support outcomes.

Learn more about the Royal Roads library and our program’s featured showcase exhibit. The library hosts other showcase exhibits here. Read more news posts from the Sustainability Research Effectiveness Program.


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