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SRE approaches in Research Features magazine

May, 2021

Research features SRE approaches.

The latest issue of the Research Features magazine features two of the Program’s approaches. Giving spotlight to the Transdisciplinary Research Quality Assessment Framework and the Outcome Evaluation Approach, the article reviews concepts and application. The article also discusses the need for new approaches to define and assess transdisciplinary research. Especially as more researchers and funders learn to appreciate the value of transcending disciplinary academic boundaries, they need guidance. These two approaches offer useful resources for researchers to apply to support their work.

Research Features magazine emerged to fill a gap that breaks down barriers in the dissemination life cycle from researchers to wider audiences. In recognition that science often overlooks the wider public, the magazine aims to distill and translate cutting-edge science. The magazine’s website hosts a vast catalogue of research content, available barrier-free for free and open access. Since inception, the magazine reached over 14 million people via social media to share research. With expanding reach over their Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, the magazine aims to change how research is communicated.

Learn more about the Research Features magazine as well as the article featuring the Program’s work. Read more news posts from the Sustainability Research Effectiveness Program.


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