SRE shares Theory of Change approach with doctoral students in workshop

Feb, 2019

RE Shares Approaches with Doctoral Students in Workshop for the Doctor of Social Sciences (DSocSci) Program.

Victoria, CA

Dr. Brian Belcher, Rachel Claus, Rachel Davel, and Stephanie Jones hosted a Theory of Change workshop for second-year doctoral students. This workshop is part of residency courses for the Doctor of Social Sciences (DSocSci) Program at Royal Roads University. This workshop aims to help doctoral students work through the intended change process using a Theory of Change framework. The focus of the workshop aimed for DSocSci students to learn how to develop and use a Theory of Change to guide design of their research.

doctoral students

As a hybrid program, the DSocSci program combines the strengths of a traditional PhD and professional doctorate. The program aims to address the complex challenges that communities, organizations, and societies face by cultivating interdisciplinary solutions. Doctoral students of the program will gain interdisciplinary learning with a focus on research with impact. Through the program, students will advance their applied research and leadership skills to tackle challenging issues and transform their own organizations. This program targets mid-career professionals. The program hosts a combination of online courses and two short residencies on campus with a group of other working professionals as part of a cohort.

Learn more about Royal Roads University’s DSocSci Program. Read more news posts from the Sustainability Research Effectiveness Program.


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