Daniela Pinto

Daniela Pinto

Research Assistant

Daniela Pinto was a former research assistant with the Sustainability Research Effectiveness program at Royal Roads University. In 2020, Daniela completed a Master of Arts in Political Science with a focus on Comparative Politics and the Global South from the University of Victoria, Canada. She also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Political Science with a focus on Participative Democracy and Social Movements from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Daniela also obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication from the State University of São Paulo, Brazil.

She holds more than 15 years of experience monitoring multi-country, multi-stakeholder projects and programs focused on human rights, gender equality, and environmental protection. Daniela has held professional positions at the United Nations, the Canadian International Development Agency, and The Nature Conservancy. She also served as a Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor for the Center for Amazonian Scientific Innovation at Wake Forest University.

Daniela is a Mitacs Accelerate alumna where she worked on a collaborative transdisciplinary research project supporting the implementation of national policy on immigrant settlement and integration services in Victoria, Canada. Her research interests include transitional justice, human rights, and the implementation of international conventions.

Daniela now works for the Office of the Auditor General of British Columbia.