I am grateful to the team for holding space for me to reflect at what was quite a difficult stage in the process. I feel, finally, after 6 years of service as a firefighter, and 3 years of research and advocacy, that I have been successful in pushing the rock to the top of the hill. It seems to have found a good resting spot at the summit with no inclination to roll back down. It was especially meaningful to hear my work acknowledged, and for the first time to hear the words ’thank-you’ from the organization’s leadership. The Sustainability Research Effectiveness team was key as a supportive reflective space that assisted me in maintaining optimism at a delicate time in that relationship.
Rachel Reimer

PHD candidate and SRE Project Participant

The theory of change tool is really important for researchers interested in knowledge co-production and transdisciplinary science.
Dr. Gabriela Wülser

This process opened up dialogue among the program’s academic leadership through which we explored both our goals and the activities undertaken to achieve these goals, identified our levers for impact, provided a clear structure to think about program development and a foundation upon which we can build a system for measuring and reporting on our impact.
Todd Thexton

Program Head, Royal Roads Bachelor of Business Administration

The team at Royal Roads has been pivotal in looking at our current structures of how we measure and evaluate our programs. The team has assisted us in creating a more robust framework to better meet current needs, while considering our hopes for measuring future impact. Their expertise, talent, and passion to build better outcomes has been a fabulous complement to our staff and stakeholders. The team is helping us identify and monitor change in a way that is centred around our people and what makes us unique, further positioning us to look ahead so we can be responsive to the ever changing need.
Carinna Kenigsberg

Manager of Community Partnerships, Power to Be